mPay2Park is a fully integrated parking management system that allows both parking end users and operators efficient, safe, secure and easy methods of managing parking payment transactions. Using a real-time database, payment transactions are implemented via mobile devices and/or web application. Customers pay for parking by simply logging into their registered account they created via Internet web, Mobile Web or the App downloaded from a smart phone. The initial registration takes only minutes and once established the parking transactions take even less time. Customers no longer have to leave their car to pay an attendant or fill a meter on the side of the curb. With a push of the button on the cell phone, parking time may also be extended from any location.

Based on the systems GPS features the end-user can locate a facility in the immediate areas right from their mobile device. No more driving around looking for a place to park your car. Parking transactions are as simple as dialing a phone number. To Start a parking session simply…

mPay2Park is operated on an IT platform that supports Internet Websites, Mobile Web and Smart Phone Apps. mPay2 Park technology is both robust and highly secure. The system is convenient and efficient for drivers and parking operators alike.

The technology has also been developed given consideration to the numerous parking system configurations and devices that exist throughout the U.S. As a result, mPay2Park was also derived with the municipality and parking operator in mind. The system allows for full integration across both on-street and off-street parking facilities.

Clients are able to review user transactions and parking history.

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